Thursday, June 4, 2009


time goes by very fast.. phew.. soo not like it.. i read sumwhere that exam result will be out on 11th of this month.. wow.. scary.. serious.. dun know wat my result will turn out.. no idea at all.. but i guess this 3rd sem exam result will be soo not cool.. i've a bad feeling.. ;( well, i dun want this holiday to end very soon.. i'm not ready to face the new sem.. all the new subjects, assignments, quizzes and all that.. waa... that are soo not cool!! hurm.. i dunno y but rite now i've became a movie maniac.. every week i watched late nite movies.. love to watch movie soo much.. ;)) i blame my sister in law.. she drags me to become movie maniac.. huh..

besides, it seems weird for me also bcoz this holidays, i often accompany a friend of mine, yun, to promote a product.. she sells herbal sanitary pad.. i've to admit the pad feels good and it can heals a lot of sickness during period also such as 'senggugut', period yg x seragam, headaches, resdung & a lot more.. u can stick the pad on ur skin.. even man do it also.. u stick the pad on ur face if u've jerawat bcoz of resdung.. for exmple laa.. it actually works, u know!! haha.. weird but true.. i salute her bcoz she is so determine to do business.. but not for me.. i'm too lazy to do those kinds of thing.. huu.. anyway, thnx to jannah for feeding me wen i'm at ur home.. yummy.. hehe.. i'm sure u r very good in cooking.. ;))