Sunday, November 29, 2009

uncivilized road users

maybe it is fate that i only up date my blog whenever there are long holidays which is 2 months semester break... hrmm.. i'm clueless on wat to write actually.. well, i suddenly remember about a situation that really annoys me & i'm sure anyone else too.. few days ago, my sister in law and i went to a mall.. there was a big sale during that day.. so, of course there will be a lot of people came who contribute to 'not enough parking', duh.. while searching for a parking, then, we found one.. very strategic one.. we waited for the car to move out from the place.. when the car get lost, suddenly, there was one fucking stupid car came by and park right into the place.. at the moment, we r so pissed off.. i press the car horn like crazy.. the stupid car driver, i dun know.. maybe pretending dat he did nothing wrong.. i dun want to get off the car to ask him to leave.. i've my pride.. it was a MALAY man and a girl.. so, we drive away with anger.. accidentally, my sister in law & i gave out a very good brilliant idea while searching for another car park which took us about 15 min.. wat we did was, we went back to the stupid idiot car.. took out a coin and scratched the car from the front to the back.. wat a feeling! my sister in law was very excited... she done that twice.. look like she was pissed off..we left quite a long memorable scratching line to his car.. haha, i felt bad but i dun care.. what that man did was very uncivilized..