Monday, March 28, 2011


during the last 1 week holiday, i heard that u were transmitted into the hospital for 12 days bcoz of some germs infection in your heart.. i kind of worried atok.. although u r already 80 something of age, u r a strong man.. i grew up watching u working for living until the day before u were transmitted.. u r the man who doesn't like sitting and lazing around at home like anyone else at your age. u r one cool and sporting atok.. likes to shop and spending money on useless things (bak kata nenek) ahah! ;)but u never forget to give me money.. that's what i remember the most about u.. although i can't see u that often, i kind of miss u sometimes.. funny old man.. caught sleeping on the couch when everyone is happily watching tv and spending quality times together.. ahah! just rest at home, old man.. i can only hope that u will feel better now.. i'll meet u when i finish my stressful practicum.. *bile lagi atok dpt manja2 ngn nenek.. eheh..


i saw u just now.. by the window, in the staff room, during the assembly..u r just a kid.. i knew.. i realize that.. but still.. it feels better when u r around, kiddo.. i can't believe i'm saying this.. i love the fact that u always smile and happy when u see me when at the same time, someone else said that u hardly smile.. u r emotionless but obviously not to me.. tq for being comfortable with me.. oh ya, u have such a quiet eyes, u know.. ahah! ;)