Wednesday, December 2, 2009

car license

last few weeks, i was very happy to hear that my good fren has pass her driving license test.. i was totally happy for her.. i'm impressed & at the same time, i wonder how she could pass the test? haha.. never mind.. i know she could and she already prove it.. congrat my fren! for me, having a car license is a great advantage for people at my age to enable us to go anywhere without having to ask for help or make it a burden to other people to provide transportation.. unfortunately, till now, i still haven't own a car license.. i'm 22! come on.. why didn't i get one?? it's easy.. because no one can give me a guarantee to give me a car.. no one ever promise to me.. wat is the use to have a car license if i didn't have a car,, in my simple yet demanding mind, i won't apply a car license unless someone can give me a car.. actually there is one but.. i prefer my family to give me a car..

so, several weeks ago, my second elder brother came to my house.. without he realizing it, he had given me a HOPE in my 'meaningless and feeling boring during holidays' life.. he wants to give me his Honda car to me.. .. actually, he just bought a new car.. by now, maybe the new car already arrived, i guess.. yeah, i'm glad to hear that, my big bro.. however, now, it's already disember, i dun think i wil be able to finish my driving lesson for a month if i apply now minus the fact that rite now, i'm being a tutor to my neighbour's children & that i will be going to s'pore on 20th .. so.. i will just book the car for the next sem,part 6, i guess.. with this kind of guarantee, then, i will totally apply for a driving lesson later.. finally~~*sigh*