Wednesday, May 4, 2011

bla bla

you always acting like that when i'm with you.. u really r 'sumthing'. and that's totally different when u r with her.. even on this very '****' day..

Monday, May 2, 2011

less and less

i will be going home like less than four days from now.. i dun know why but i don't feel fully happy at all.. i feel like i'll be leaving something special and meaningful to me in s.alam.. 4 months.. anything can happen.. this is sad.. this feeling always happen every end of the semesters.. and this time, i'll be the last one going back home.. how am i suppose to transfer all my stuff into my new house? i wish i could have the courage to drive alone all the way back to johor but i know.. it's the car.. the car is crazy and unpredictable.. it's like killing myself if i ever going back to johor alone driving that car..

screwed up

i fucking miss him!!!! am i crazy?? yes i am..