Monday, June 20, 2011


my mom can't cook anymore.. so, since then, i have no choice but to learn cooking at home.. if not, i will end up eating outside food every and each day.. blugh.. i can't stand it that way anymore.. not in my hometown at least.. so, every semester holiday, i often spend my time cooking.. simple Malay dishes and stuff.. bla.. bla.. but i never try baking.. all this while, i hate baking especially 'kuih raya'.. messy, complicated & fussy.. however, i don't know why, lately, i've been fucking craving for cupcakes.. it's kinda tiring to find any cupcakes store in my hometown.. i gave up.. so, last week, suddenly, i have a brilliant idea.. why don't i just bake my very own cupcakes.. as i knew, baking cupcakes is not that complicated.. so, there you go.. i officially baked my own cupcakes! woohhooo... buying stuffs and ingredients for the cupcakes is fun but decorating them is much more fun! sweetness alert! if u saw me during my baking process, i totally looked like a crazy girl.. maximum exaggerated excitement.. al-maklum.. that was my first baking experience okayyy.. i'm satisfied & kinda proud of myself.. muahaha!


siti amirah abdullah said...

you made all these? ke semua gmbr nih amik kat internet?

stranger said...

siot r ko.. that's my cupcakes laaa... msti ko xprcya kan aq wat cupcakes.. xpe2..

Siti Amirah Abdullah said...

patt la hiasan dia... hahahahha..
nanti buat la masa nk blk shah alam nanti tau.. terima kasih!